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Re: Jumbotext - A New Feature to HTML

From: Thomas Jespersen <thomas@daimi.au.dk>
Date: 28 Jun 2000 19:30:42 +0200
To: Daniel Alexandre <walkman44@excite.com>
Cc: www-style@w3.org
Message-ID: <y4n1z1hn265.fsf@excalibur.daimi.au.dk>
Daniel Alexandre <walkman44@excite.com> writes:

> Jumbotext, could be a new tag for a simple but very revolutionary and
> fundamental feature. With jumbotext, in the text of a web page every single
> word would be outlined and in different colour (similar to usual hypertext)

A tag (or more correctly, an element) should only tell something of
the structure of the document, not the presentation. The presentation
side of business is left to stylesheets and the browser (client).

> when pointed by the mouse cursor. Then with a simple click one would see a
> menu to: see the definition of the word, see its translation to different
> languages, and hear the word spoken in audio.

Most, if not all, of what you mention is already part of HTML. Whether
you will hear the work spoken is left to the browser-vendors to
implement, nothing in the specs prevent them (actually, there are
already "talking browsers" available). 

Take a look at this:
especially look at DFN, ABBR and ACRONYM. It is left to the
browser-vendors to implement it.

Has an example of using the LINk element to point to a "Glossary" for
the linking page.

The LANG attribute can help to tell a speaking browser which language
to use for pronouncing the word.
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