Drawing upon a wealth of resources which adds up to so much more than the mere sum of its parts, Green Crown weave an eclectic range of influences into an acoustic tapestry all their own. Inspired by a deep reverence for the Earth as well as for the legacies of the ancestors, traditional and original material is joined seamlessly in expression of a vision which is at once ancient as the forests, and as fresh as this morning’s dream.

Brought together by shared convictions - that music possesses enormous power for wreaking good; that tradition need not be viewed as a constraint, nor originality as unbridled licence; that Celtic does not preclude eclectic, nor acoustic electric - the members of Green Crown have been collaborating informally and in various permutations for many years. United now as Green Crown, they create together a musical magic sorely needed in our time - a magic of vast panorama, inspiring hope for the future and inviting audiences to step across the threshold which separates this world from the Other.

Since their official unveiling in the spring of 1997, Green Crown have enchanted audiences at numerous festivals, clubs, and coffeehouses around the US. Their debut CD, “Washed in Her Blood”, was released early in June of 1998. With summer tour for 2000 taking shape, the group looks forward to even more productive times ahead. The voyage is well underway.


Bearer of a tradition which stretches from the late sixth century to the late sixties, Prydwyn is a bard in the purest sense of the word, whose devotion to the cult of the Song has led him to take up the many instruments - harp, flutes, electric & acoustic guitars, lute, cittern, mandolin, whistles, recorders, et al. - required for the proper expression of the vast and wide-ranging repertoire which the past, partnered with his own muse, has entrusted to his care. He achieves in his work a synthesis of ancient and modern, traditional and original, Celtic and eclectic, which is truly magical.