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Re: UI WD (compliant browser)

From: Allan Odgaard <Duff@DIKU.DK>
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 16:36:01 +0100
To: WWW-Style@W3.Org
Message-ID: <yam8087.98.145067560@smtpserver.get2net.dk>
On 21-Feb-00, Walter Ian Kaye wrote:

> As for the browsers being written today, the obvious (to me) solution 
> is to have user preferences for strictness level. [...]

But this means that either several parsers have to be written (for each level
of tolerance) or the parser will suffer from some overhead, not to mention the
programmer who will suffer quite a headache when he has to figure out how to
bind stylesheets to badly nested tags or when a broken document has to be
turned into a document tree for a script to access...

Regards Allan
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