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RE: Relative colours in CSS?

From: Manos M. Batsis <manosb@profile.gr>
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 12:00:35 +0200
To: <www-style@w3.org>

 Hey Dave,

 Actually, what I have in mind is a way of defining some root/base colors. If the rest of
the scheme is based on them, it would be easy to change it just by redefining these base
colors in a (X)HTML document while still using the same external stylesheet.
 As for accessibility, it would be nice to find a way of defining a color relatively to
another but using other kinds of rules such as "negativity". This would be extremely useful
in the case of background/text relationship.
 One final thought if I may. Some of us mentioned user defined stylesheets for
accessibility use. How many people that need these styles are actually able of defining
them? Shouldn't the W3 or the browser define them? If relative colors ever become a part of
the spec, it should be followed by something like this.

 Just my thoughts... now I should go and poor myself some coffee.


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If you're using colour names (like red, blue as opposed to numbers) then
perhaps the whole relative colours thing will work. If you're using
hexadecimal for one colour and then have another colour which is the same
but you stipulate it to be :darker then you're really just moving to another
colour all together. For example, let's say you were using #990000 and then
you had a child selector which stated that it should be :darker, then you're
really just defining #660000. Just seems a bit silly to be redefining
colours so that, in effect, ten people using the same colour all have
different names for it or ten people with the same colour name but it is
actually a different colour when what we are really working towards is
consistency and standards. Personally, I like the idea but just don't think
that it's workable.

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