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Re: eval()

From: Daniel Glazman <glazou_2000@yahoo.fr>
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 14:59:25 +0200
Message-ID: <38FDADAD.7000904@yahoo.fr>
To: webmaster@richinstyle.com
CC: Daniel.Glazman@polytechnique.org, www-style@w3.org

Matthew Brealey wrote:

 > Since the value is an integer (in pixels) rather than (say) 12cm, the

 > issue of 12cm-1 doesn't arise - we have one integer minus another.

No you don't. You have a length minus a integer without unit.

Some other people could say that the equation is not homogeneous.

Please do not read "cast 12cm-1px into pixels" when you have "12cm-1".

 > Yes, I know. I'm talking at the moment as being under CSS3; i.e., under

 > the UI WD, which redefines content so that this is ok.

The UI WD allows the use of content in certain cases, not for all


 > One could change this of course, so that the UA effectively validates

 > twice, and therefore the UA is required when it encounters a

I don't think so. This single validation process is a major item in CSS

and I am quite sure that Bert, the Temple's keeper as we say in french,

will follow me on that point. (hey Bert, don't play with that :-)

Preserving that is a key element in the promise some people made some

time ago (we are all getting old...) : CSS will not be a programming


 > declaration, either of the type eval() that might turn out to be invalid

 > or of type that could return a null value, to remember the previous

 > declaration. For example, if there was BODY {background:  white;

 > background: eval(attr(bgcolor)) in the UA style sheet, then the UA would

 > say 'Aha! This might not be valid, I'd best not forget my earlier

 > declaration'.

This is simple to write, not so simple to implement. Oh, by the way, it

breaks the current specificity machanism...


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