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Re: CSS3 Paged Media Draft

From: L. David Baron <dbaron@fas.harvard.edu>
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 19:57:44 -0400 (EDT)
Message-Id: <199909292357.TAA20710@is02.fas.harvard.edu>
To: www-style@w3.org
On Wed, 29 Sep 1999 23:39:59 +0100 (BST), Ian Hickson
(py8ieh@bath.ac.uk) wrote:
> I agree, though, that content() could be renamed so that it is clear
> that it flattens the tree. I am less sure that having a function which
> returns a copy of the children would be a good idea, though. How would
> you cope with things like this:
>    <x>
>      <span id="one"> ids </span>
>      <script type="text/plain">
>         Something which manipulates the DOM
>      </script>
>    </x>
> ...with this style?
>    x { content: content() content(); }

I don't see a problem here.  CSS is only controlling the display of the
document.  The script element should have 'display: none' and should be
handled by some other system of the application processing the

XSLT, on the other hand, actually transforms the whole document.  Or
does it?  Can other things in the original document be processed after
an XSLT transformation?


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