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RE: Text-decoration

From: Karlsson Kent - keka <keka@im.se>
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 19:44:03 +0100
Message-ID: <C110A2268F8DD111AA1A00805F85E58DA6845A@ntgbg1>
To: www-style <www-style@w3.org>
> Where exactly should the various text-decorations be
> drawn?
> For example, should underline go underneath the text,
> and hence be unaffected by line-height?

FWIW: it should go a little bit (0.1 em?) under the baseline.
If one wants to be really fancy: leave little gaps for descenders 
and diacritics below (like cedilla, comma below, ...) to go
"trough".  That may be a bit difficult though...

> line-through 
>      Each line of text has a line through the middle 
> Presumably this is a minor terminoligical
> inexactitude, since it is ambiguous as to whether
> 'line' means line box or whether it refers to the
> 'text box' (that is to say an imaginary box that
> encloses the text).
> Presumably:
> line-through 
>      Each glyph has a line through its middle 

FWIW: for Latin/Greek/Cyrillic: a line at half x-height
above the baseline.  If all letters in that run are uppercase:
at half M-height from the baseline.

> overline 
>      Each line of text has a line above it. 
> Where?

Whoever uses that?  Anyway, FWIW: At least one level of
diacritics on top of capital letters should fit under the
overline, or one must make gaps for the diacritics on top,
if the overline is just above the M-height rather than
above the -height (compare underline with decenders or
diacritics below in the text).

		I'm still new to this list
		/Kent Karlsson
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