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3D fx on images

From: Nicolas Lesbats <nlesbats@etu.utc.fr>
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 20:41:40 +0200 (MET DST)
To: www-style@w3.org
Message-ID: <Pine.OSF.4.02.9905312023560.20009-100000@vega.utc.fr>

	I would like to create a dynamic relief effect on an image (you
know, like the buttons of your browser, or like the menus in Windows).

On a gray-background image :

 * when 'hover', add a white border at the left and top sides, and a black
border at the bottom and right sides.

 * when 'active', toggle the color of the sides

And why not move slightly the image, as if you push it.

To create the borders, the 'border' property is not a good solution since
it causes reflow (if I understand good the spec).

So 'outline' is a better solution. First problem : outline-left,
outline-top, etc. don't exist in CSS (why... ?).

Second problem : would the borders appear in the place where I expect
them, that's to say ON the image (and not around) ? Could this property
even be applied to an image ?

The spec doesn't clear this questions.

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