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From: bill brissette <billb@gbcom.com>
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 99 14:28:40 -0000
Message-Id: <199903221923.OAA21690@www10.w3.org>
To: <www-style@w3.org>

you got a real winner here folks! hope none of you take him seriously...

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Date:        03/22  2:47 PM
Received:    03/22  12:14 PM
From:        Bradley J. Gibby, bgibby@servcom.net.au
To:          Bill Brissette, billb@bluedingo.com

> >Ahh...why don't you read the instructions?
ah well it is just a simple enuf question...but I suppose someone of your
level of intelligence wouldn't understand to read them first huh...you 
dive right on in and hope for the best...that's why you're quitting the 
that's for sure.

> why don't you go fuck yourself... you think every geek out there saves
> every email from this group?  or, perhaps someone's email file may have
> been lost due to a disk error.
suck my cock dickhead...speak to me like that you stupid cunt.

as if they would...but when you get something that tells you what to do 
assume a fuckwit like yourself WOULD take 5 mins to read the fucken thing.

disk error? fuck man...what DON'T you screw up? besides...there's a fucken
INSTRUCTION LIST on the www.w3c.org web site you dick!

> well, since you're so full of good intention and you seem to have enough
> free time to wise off, maybe you could forward me *your* instruction set
> if you're so concerned?  it's attitude like yours that makes me want to
> remove from this group in the first place.
I emailed you, you dope, because I'm SICK of WASTING my time on your
pathetic emails from you and fuckwits like you out there who DON'T spend 5
mins reading on how to get removed from a fucking simple mailing list.

You've just shown over 300,000 people that you're an idiot and have no 
how to operate a simple mailing list like all those little asians out 
who can't read english properly but have more of an excuse for making a 
of themselves than you do.

It's your arrogance that makes me want to puke...and it's your stupidity
that you've even read this far into an email which 1. Insults your
intelligence, 2. Proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you're an idiot, 
Makes you look like an idiot and 4. You're gay...what else can I say?

Why you ever bothered signing up in the first place is beyond me, so all I
can say is...email me back if you wish, but you're on my filter list so
don't expect a reply, I've have enuf of your crap already.

Later dickwad...much later!

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