What you are looking for is justified text, and CSS supports it...

 P {text-align: justify }

but... the CSS 2 Spec [1] says that browsers can interpret justified text as left-aligned or right-aligned text, depending on the default writing direction, and both Netscape and Internet Explorer do just that...


At 12:20 PM 2/16/99 -0600, you wrote:
>For lack of a better way to describe what I need I will use block
>adjustment. My client has asked if I can mimic the way word adjusts a
>paragraph to expand words and spaces to create a block of text. That both
>sides would be flat on the sides.
>I have looked at the faq's and several pages referencing css and have
>found that the only thing I can manipulate is the line height not the
>width. Has anyone discussed this before? Under what heading so that I can
>find it in the archives? If not, has anyone tried to figure out how to
>accomplish this?