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Re: When font-size and font size collide

From: Steve Mulder <smulder@tsdesign.com>
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 16:04:29 -0400
Message-Id: <v04011707b3df6fd8e0b9@[]>
To: James Green <www-style@cyberstorm.demon.co.uk>, www-style@w3c.org
Yup, that would be a lovely little browser bug.

According to the spec, HTML stylings (like FONT SIZE) should be treated
with less specificity than all CSS rules. Thus, the CSS *should* override
the HTML.

One solution is to apply the CSS to FONT instead of to P. Better yet,
define a class to use with FONT. That seems to work fine in the browsers.


At 6:14 PM +0100 8/17/99, James Green wrote:
>I've been constructing this new site which is generated by php scripts,
>and since pages are done on-the-fly from a database, CSS is being used to
>keep all styles consistent.
>On the front page I'm using a normal p tag which is defined as arial size
>10pt. This works great, but when I do:
><p><font size="+2">This should be bigger</font
>the text stays at 10pt. Now, my interpretation of inheritance (which I've
>not read up on to any large extent) is that the closest-instruction to the
>object is obeyed, i.e. the P tag's 10pt, which gets overridden by the font
>The problem occurs in Netscape Communicator 4.6. Since I use Linux, I
>can't test in IE, but bearing in mind that no browser is yet fully
>CSS-functional, I thought it best to ask you guys what the proper system
>is and implement it ready for Mozilla 5. If I can be backward compatible I
>will be, but not if I have to generate a lot of CSS and font tags
>I can use <p style="font-size: 14pt">This is bigger</p> but this seems
>like an uneccessary waste of bytes...
>Any thoughts?
>James Green
>Site Manager,
>LinuxNewbie.com (LNC)
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