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RE: CSS and XLink

From: Simon St.Laurent <simonstl@simonstl.com>
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 14:02:52 -0400
Message-Id: <199904121759.NAA18853@hesketh.net>
To: Daniel Koger <dkoger@BESTNET.com>, martind@netfolder.com, www-style@w3.org
At 10:22 AM 4/12/99 -0700, Daniel Koger wrote:
>Two cents: take it for what it is worth at inflationary rates.
>I believe it was expressly stated in the Fragments context section
>http://www.w3.org/TR/WD-xml-fragment#fci that the working group felt that
>the pointers to the FCI's parent document's stylesheet was "general metadata
>that shouldn't be included in the FCI set."  Outside of the pointers
>included to the parent document maintained with in the fragment package
>there is no reference to xsl or css.

Looks like you're right.  They do, however, provide External subset,
Internal subset, ancestors, preceding siblings, and preceding siblings of

Given that they're providing the validation information, it might be easier
to use something like the XML Processing Descriptions I've been hacking
away at.  (See http://purl.oclc.org/NET/xpdl for details. It's still in
development, and has no standing with the W3C or any other standards body.)
 They could pass that info by reference easily, and we'd still get all the
metadata info - validation, styles, etc. - that we need to be able to
process it.  (I didn't expect that to come up in this context, but it seems
to fit.)

>Fragments, XLink and Style all seem to feel that the purview of this issue
>falls in someone else's bailiwick.  I think this is very important.  I am
>currently working on portal (syndication) business rules and am finding this
>issue to be of major concern.  Unless we want to enforce a set of rules on
>the allowable tag sets offered from the syndicator to the subscriber we will
>need to define the style inheritance for fragments.

Precisely.  The intersection may become a traffic jam if everyone claims
right-of-way or defers right-of-way.  Someone needs to put up a signal.

>Do we allow the subscriber to force their own style/tags on syndicators.  Do
>we allow the syndicator to force their style/tags on subscribers.

Even some kind of prioritization (adding it to the cascade?) would help.

>Is anyone working on correlating the initiatives/impact across multiple

I hope so!

Simon St.Laurent
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