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Nested Objects

From: nir dagan <dagan@upf.es>
Date: Wed Jul 29 10:25:46 1998
Message-Id: <199807291417.QAA28820@sahara.upf.es>
To: www-style@w3.org
Cc: dagan@upf.es
In my understanding CSS2 is quiet limited in 
suggesting rendering of *nested objects* 

It would be useful if the following were possible. 
(correct me if it is already possible):

1. To assign different positioning to an object and 
 its content. that is if e.g., the object is an image 
 I want it to float, but if images are turned
 off, I want its content, a paragraph, to appear 
 in the normal flow and not floating. 

Example of markup:

 <OBJECT data="foo.gif">
  <P>alternate text to foo</P>

Now what should happen if I float the object and images 
are turned off? is the paragraph floating?

2. to have a "replace with content" property. When nesting objects 
 the priority which objecs are shown is determined by the order 
 of nesting. With this property I can manipulate to order for 
 different media.

 Assume I have an image and a movie, but I want in screen medium 
 to give priority to the image and in tv medium to the movie. 
 If I had a "replace with content" property I could write:

<OBJECT data="foo.mov" id="tv-only">
 <OBJECT data="bar.gif>
  <OBJECT data="foo.mov">

 and in the style sheet for screen, to replace the 
 outmost OBJECT with it content. 

Nir Dagan
Received on Wednesday, 29 July 1998 10:25:46 UTC

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