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Some examples of differences in implementation (Re: Correct way to define "leading" - compatibility problems)

From: Clive Bruton <clive@typonaut.demon.co.uk>
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 98 23:35:18 +0000
To: <www-style@w3.org>
Message-ID: <1323672611-1084988@battersea.indx.co.uk>
Sorry this is about 48 hours later than I indicated, but I hope that I at 
least can get some useful feedback, it's just possible I'm getting this 
completely *wrong*. However...

Here are two example files:



With their corresponding style sheets:




Uses the method "font: 1em/1.75em" to define baseline-to-baseline 
distance, IE 3-4.0 seem to handle this ok, Navigator 4.x just ignores it. 
This style sheet also seeks to limit the measure (text width) to 30em, 
both branded browsers ignore the method used in this case.


Uses the method "line-height: 1.5em" to define baseline-to-baseline 
distance, v4x of IE and Navigator deal with this correctly, v3.x of IE 
collapses all the lines within <p>...</p> onto a single line, ie no 
baseline-to-baseline distance is apparent. This example uses a slightly 
different method of restricting the measure, IE again ignores it, 
Navigator 4x renders it correctly.

I've tried this with MacOS 7.5.5-8.1 and Win95, all seem to have the same 
result. Anyone see anything different, or maybe some obvious mistake in 
the CSS?


-- Clive
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