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Running in the tall grass, getting killed, was: Netscape style sheets -Reply

From: Charles Peyton Taylor <ctaylor@wposmtp.nps.navy.mil>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 20:54:18 -0500 (EST)
Message-Id: <s4e9ce5e.043@wposmtp.nps.navy.mil>
To: claudeg@icrdl.net
Cc: www-html@w3.org, www-style@w3.org

I know this is more appropriate  in the style sheet 
mailing list (www-style@w3.org,) but I'm going to reply to all in case anyone
needs to know this.

To answer the question of Francois-Denis, you might 
want to try also referencing the style sheet using a 
link element like so:

    <LINK REL="stylesheet" HREF="URL">

Okay, I just now looked at your web page, and I notice 
that you've already done just that, but you've run 
into another NS idiosyncracy : text placed after a 
table appears to be unaffected by CSS.

CSS is great, but the implementations of it have been 
giving me and other web authors monstrous headaches.  
Just so no one thinks it's *just* me, look at 
http://webreview.com/wr/pub/98/02/06/feature/index4.html .
It's an article about CSS implementations and their 

I still think Arena did the best job of rendering pages 
with CSS. 

I also think it would be really cool if there was a 
certification process for user agents, particularly 
GUI web browsers.  Something like the "yes, it runs 
with Netware" program where hardware and software are 
tested for compatibility and are awarded the right to 
display emblems. So if a web browser could pass all of 
the HTML tests at www.browsercaps.com and equivalent CSS 
tests, then it could display a "web compatible - 98" 

It's not exactly cutting-edge technology anymore, so 
why can't it be stable?

>>> =?iso-8859-1?Q?Fran=E7ois-Denis_Gonthier?= <claudeg@icrdl.net> 02/17/98
07:03am >>>
I'm not a experienced web page designer but I like the new HTML version.
I've made a page using HTML 4.0 and CSS1 and the last version got approved by
the W3C validator (not the current one).  I use M$ Internet Explorer and the
page looks good.  But it's not the case when I use Netscape 4.0.
Netscape seems to support HTML 4.0 well but not CSS1 in an external file.  I
tried the @import statement and it didn't work either.  It works well when I
specify styles in the STYLE element.  Perhaps I did something wrong in my code
but I can't spot it.  Anyone knows what is the proble with Netscape ?

If you want to see the page, it's at: http:\\www.icrdl.net\claudeg\index2.html
(it's in french).  May look messy to experienced designer but I'm still proud of
it :)  Opinion of user of
'exotic' (not IE or Net) browsers would be appreciated eventough the page was
tested ok with Lynx.

Francois-Denis Gonthier
Neumann / Maus claudeg@icrdl.net http://www.icrdl.net/claudeg
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