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Re: Seeing Q&A

From: Christina <cwodtke@sirius.com>
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1998 09:19:13 -0800
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While i love webmonkey and consider it a great resource for most things, it
is a lousy one for stylesheets.

better ideas?

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From: Andy Forbes <andy@inlet.com>
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Date: Tuesday, December 15, 1998 4:00 PM
Subject: RE: Seeing Q&A

>Perhaps this will answer this question across the board for people looking
>for CSS/HTML help. I highly recommend checking out the following URL. If
>subscribe to the MonkeyJunkies mailing list there, you can get some
>excellent help, especially with CSS/JavaScript etc.
>Worst navigation to finding how to subscribe to the mailing list, so here's
>the URL:
>This message will never be posted again, and no I don't work for hotwired
>Good luck,
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>Subject: Seeing Q&A
>> BTW, this forum is not a question-and-answer stylesheet support mailing
>> list. It is designed for discussion of the CSS3 specification. Please
>> reread the documentation that came with your subscription for more
>> details.
>Pardon my ignorance, but where would one go for Q&A on HTML & CSS?
>Perhaps the W3C website should point out sites, newsgroups, mailing list
>listservs, books where users could get and give help on HTML, CSS, and
>issues overseen by W3C. IMHO, this would further the W3C's goal of making
>web accessible to all users. Also, don't users' questions (*especially* new
>users) point out useability issues, e.g. what is/isn't clear about HTML and
>Web advances move so quickly that even the newest printed matter is mostly
>CSS1. What better way for new users to learn than to benefit from the most
>experienced, even the inventors?
>I'm not saying this list should be for Q&A, rather that places offering
>stylesheet Q&A, teaching, and support should be publicized (pointed out,
>linked to) by the W3C and by this list.
>// end rant
>Climbing off my soapbox now,
>Ben Whisman
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