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From: Jeffrey S. Brenan <talents@mail3.bunt.com>
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 1998 22:42:11 +0100
Message-ID: <3676D7AD.98184DF0@snoopy.bunt.com>
To: StyleSheets <www-style@w3.org>, Me - Jeffrey Brenan <admin@talentz.com>
Hello, I'm new. I am developing a boardgame script that involves
the use of CSS. However, I am having difficulty. I got the thing to
work on Netscape but it didn't work on IE. SO I went to Microsoft's
own site and read their own documents, looked at their own scripts.
Copied exactly. Still doesn't work. What's worse? Now it doesn't even
work for Netscape!!!!!

Yes, both versions are 4.0

Anyhow, here is the source of the doc as it is presently at....




<STYLE TYPE="text/css">
#idDivResult  { position: absolute; left:25 px; top:7 px; z-index:6; }
#idDivMessage  { position: absolute; left:25 px; top:375 px; z-index:7;
#idDivPrint  { position: absolute; left:25 px; top:400 px; z-index:8; }
#idDivWhere  { position: absolute; left:25 px; top:425 px; z-index:9; }
#idDivWhosTurn  { position: absolute; left:25 px; top:450 px;
z-index:10; }
#idDivForm  { position: absolute; left:25 px; top:475 px; z-index:11; }

<BODY BGCOLOR="#ccffff" LINK="#0000ff" VLINK="#6b0000">

<IMG src =
STYLE="position: absolute; left: 25px; top: 25px; z-index:1">
<IMG src =
STYLE="position: absolute; left:86px; top: 41px; z-index:2">
<IMG src =
STYLE="position: absolute; left:86px; top: 41px; z-index:3">
<IMG src =
STYLE="position: absolute; left:86px; top: 41px; z-index:4">
<IMG src =
STYLE="position: absolute; left:86px; top: 41px; z-index:5">

 <DIV ID="#idDivPrint">
 Well, what are we waiting for? <a href =

 Let's play!</A></DIV>

Anyone have any ideas?
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