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RE: New HTML/CSS-based word processor for Windows 95 and NT. LOOKING FOR BETA TESTERS

From: Carl Johan Berglund <carl.johan.berglund@adverb.se>
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 11:35:08 +0100
Message-Id: <l03102801b046b1f4d05c@[]>
To: "Bjorn E. Backlund" <bjorn@cooper.xanthus.se>
Cc: "'www-style@w3.org'" <www-style@w3.org>
At 10.03 +0100 97-09-18, Bjorn E. Backlund wrote:
>re: MacOS
>The current plan is to finish the Raphsody port before the MacOS one but
>we'll concentrate on
>the Win32 version for a while so will take a while before you'll see a
>MacOS version...

Interesting priority. Raphsody is not even out yet, and when it is, it will
be able to
run MacOS programs. So if you made the MacOS port first, it would run on both
Raphsody and MacOS.

>re: Document
>Putting together a document describing our extensions is top priority,
>I'll let you know asap
>when its available.


>Re: how much...
>We implemented almost all of CSS1 (white-space is one of the props we do
>not implement, but we do
>implement first-letter and first-line...). We'll finish the positioning
>stuff within a few weeks - a new
>Win32 version will be released soon after. We've implemented our own
>printing extensions which will be
>described in detail in the above mentioned document.

It seems like yours will be the most complete CSS1 implementation
available. That's Good!
I hope your printing extensions build on the ones W3C are working on
[WD-printing] rather
than completely your own inventions. W3C's working document leave a lot of
space for new
proposals, though.

Vänliga hälsningar
Carl Johan Berglund

Carl Johan Berglund <carl.johan.berglund@adverb.se>
Adverb Information, http://www.adverb.se
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