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Absolute positions: a quick question

From: Bjorn E. Backlund <bjorn@cooper.xanthus.se>
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 15:36:18 +0100
Message-Id: <97Oct16.163602gmt+0100.28708-1@mimer.upnet.se>
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A quick question.

The top/left of an object seems to mean (i.e. IE 4.0 behaviour) the position of the outer box of an element = both padding, border and margin is added to the size of the object. Sounds fair, we had of course implemented top/left as the corner of the inner box - but we've changed that now...

I.E 4 seems to position child elements with absolute positions just within the border of the mother, i.e. the origin of the box positioning context for absolute positioned elements is the top/left of the mother element plus its margin and border - but not the padding? Why? Is this the correct behaviour?

	margin	border	padding
	|	|	|	|
	|	|	|	|
	|	|	|	|
	|	|	|	|

			This is x= 0 for child elements in I.E 4

				Why not place it here?

Bjorn Backlund
Xanthus International AB
Received on Thursday, 16 October 1997 10:34:11 GMT

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