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RE: [Q] Shouldn't margin-bottom...?

From: Chris Wilson (PSD) <cwilso@MICROSOFT.com>
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 1997 10:40:33 -0800
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To: "'Chris Lilley'" <Chris.Lilley@sophia.inria.fr>, "'Dan Delaney'" <dionysos@dionysia.org>, "'W3C Style Mailing List'" <www-style@w3.org>
Internet Explorer 3.0 did not implement vertical margins completely
correctly, in several ways:
1) Bottom margins were not implemented at all (!)
2) Paragraphs have a "built-in" margin that is not overridden by CSS
3) Vertical margins did not collapse according to the draft.

The first of these (bottom margin) was fixed in 3.01 release, as was
lack of "em" support.  The others, well, that's what happens when the
prime developer on a feature set gets really sick.  Sorry.  :^)

These are all fixed in IE4.0, incidentally; we follow the proposed
recommendation for margins, I believe to the letter.

Chris Wilson

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>On Feb 4, 12:26am, Dan Delaney wrote:
>>    Shouldn't this Style Sheet make it so that Paragraphs do NOT have space
>> between them and have the first line indented?
>Yes, subject to margin-top not being particularly large.
>> P {text-indent:15; margin-bottom:0}
>>    Is that not correct or does MSIE just not implement CSS correctly?
>The latter. To be more specific, MSIE 3.0 is not a full CSS1 implementation.
>Obviously I can't say what any release > 3.01 will do.
>> MSIE also doesn't seem to recognize
>> "text-indent:3em". Instead it just indents it 3 pixels! Am I missing
>> something here?
>No, your example is correct and a conforming implementation will do as
>you say. Note that the definition of a conforming implementation was
>only published on 17 Dec 1996. Expect implementations to become
>conforming in due course.
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