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Re: Correct handling of blank space?

From: Chris Lilley <Chris.Lilley@sophia.inria.fr>
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 1997 23:12:46 +0100 (MET)
Message-Id: <9712052312.ZM12688@grommit.inria.fr>
To: Space Cowboy <spacecow@mis.net>, www-style@w3.org
On Dec 5,  4:44pm, Space Cowboy wrote:

> <DIV NAME="example" STYLE="
> position: absolute;
> top: 0;
> left: 0;
> width: 70%;
> height: 50%;
> color: #FFFFFF;
> background-color: #000000;">
> Hello.

> The question is, what size is a UA supposed to display a box when it's
> not filled to it's size?

The specified one.

> In this case, NN4 displays some white text with
> a black highlight that says "Hello." at the top and nothing else. I need
> it to be bigger, and it seems that I can do it correctly. Is this the
> browser's fault or a hole in CSS?

In this instance it is due to incomplete implementation in NN. The
background color is supposed to cover the full width and height of the
box, including padding. Netscape are aware of the problem.

> I should note that I can't put in a clip value, because I'm using
> percentages, which act irradically while combined when used in clips.

Um, irradically? Could you explain that a bit more?

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