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Book opportunity for CSS sites/products

From: J.W. (Jerry) Olsen <72241.2207@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 17 Aug 97 05:16:49 EDT
To: "www-style@w3.org" <www-style@w3.org>
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I am co-authoring a forthcoming book on cascading style sheets for a 
leading computer book publisher. While we remain open to ideas for 
additional chapters (such as about specific CSS-related products and 
services), a primary current need is for URLs that exploit CSS. We are 
using these URLs as examples of good Web site techniques, highlighting 
not only the sites but also the companies and individuals behind them. 

Our primary criterion for selection is a URL that uses CSS techniques 
effectively. Subject matter of value to readers of a CSS book on the Web 
site is a significant plus.

We will be considering URLs until a sufficient number for the needs of 
our book are found. Obviously, sites online now are prime candidates. We 
anticipate that we may be actively searching for quality sites through 
August; space permitting, additional sites may be considered during 

If this promotion of your site is of interest to you, please reply by 
confidential e-mail to the following address.


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