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Re: Issue 4: Text-Indent and DIV

From: Peter Fraterdeus <peterf@dol.com>
Date: Sun, 3 Aug 1997 20:15:44 -0500
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To: <www-style@w3.org>
At 11:39 AM -0700 8/3/97, David Perrell wrote:
>The browsers are not treating text-indent as inherited, as the spec
>clearly states they should. Worse, the text-indent of the parent DIV is
>being applied to the child P even when the property has been explicitly
>set on the child. This is just plain wrong. Worse yet, in NSN 4.01,
>text indent is cumulative. The text-indent on the first line of the
>first paragraph is the sum of the text-indent of DIV and P. This is
>just plain abominable.
>David Perrell


Geez, isn't there anybody that can stop these abominations (good word, David ;-) ???

I gave up trying to write a CSS chapter (in my upcoming opus) due to this absurdity.

Where's The Caped Crusader when we need him? How about a letter-to-the-editor campaign targeting the trade press, and putting some external pressure on the culprits?

As a visual designer and strategist for net communications, it seems to me that this is the equivalent of a ".*Script" interpreter taking liberties with my page descriptions. 
No printer driver that could get away with such a thing. Imagine the person-years of wasted effort trying to hack around the weirdness in the browsers. It's a crime of cosmic proportions! Disgusting and evil. (if a small bit of hyperbole may be forgiven...)

Is it that the browser folks haven't read the specs, or just that they don't think it's important enough to the global intranet market >buyers< to bother doing it right the first time?

(Sorry, I know Chris Wilson's (Microsoft) paying attention, but he doesn't make the strategic decisions! Eh?)



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