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Re: Comments on Working Draft 26-July-96

From: Scott E. Preece <preece@predator.urbana.mcd.mot.com>
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 1996 08:56:16 -0500
Message-Id: <199609061356.IAA23114@predator.urbana.mcd.mot.com>
To: bbos@mygale.inria.fr
CC: lee@sq.com, www-style@w3.org
 From: Bert Bos <bbos@mygale.inria.fr>
|  > >> 5.2.5 font style
|  > >>     You might have a font like Monotype Blado with only italic [...]
|  > > Then it looks like Monotype Blado will have only one font-style: normal,
|  > > and no italic or oblique.
|  > 
|  > Er, no, it only has an Italic.  It can be used with Bembo, for example.
| I see. Automatic substitution of Blado in the middle of Bembo text is
| not currently possible with CSS1, but you can ask for Blado
| explicitly. If Blado only has the italic face, then it seems both
| 'normal' and 'italic' keywords in CSS1 will be mapped to that face.

Actually, I think this says that there needs to be a way for the author
to request that a particular font be used for a particular font-style
when another particular font is the normal.  Like:

	{ font-family: bembo[italic: blado] }

or something like that.  This actually points to an additional problem
in the current CSS1 model for fonts: there is no way to have the setting
of "minor characteristics" (like font-variant) depend on the particular
font that is actually selected by the browser.  For instance, the author
might specify three font-families, in order of preference, but want
to use condensed if the second is selected or might want to use a larger
size in one font than another.

This suggests that the various font characteristics should all be
hierarchically "under" the font selection.  One way to finesse this
would be to allow multiple fonts in the FONT property, where a whole
set of properties is grouped together (though that still would require
adding something to allow using different fonts for the weight and style
roles in a family...).

Another alternative would be to provide a way of defining a font-family,
which could then be used in the normal font-family specification.  Like:
	define-font-family:	{ name: sans;
				  normal: 12pt/14pt sans-serif;
				  italic: 14pt blado, 14pt sans-serif
this admittedly doesn't fit very neatly in the current CSS1 form, which
has no space for declarative specifications...

| Then the new draft will allow you to do this for the first case:
|     H2 EM { font-variant: normal }    /* No sc if EM is inside H2 */
| and for the second case:
|     H2 EM { font-style: normal }      /* No italic if EM is inside H2 */

I'm confused - was the second case supposed to have the selectors


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