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Re: feedback on PR-CSS1

From: Carl Morris <msftrncs@htcnet.com>
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 1996 16:09:01 -0600
Message-Id: <199611172210.QAA12555@inet.htcnet.com>
To: "William I. Johnston" <wij@world.std.com>, "WWW Style List" <www-style@w3.org>
| In 5.2.6 you suggest 1.5 as a scale factor between font sizes.
| This may be too big. Consider that H1 is usually the largest item
| on a page, and yet H6 needs to be legible. Since most web docs
| use H1 and H2 and sometimes H3, but rarely H4, H5, and H6, this
| means a default of HUGE letters for H1 and H2. I know that font-size
| is independent of H attributes, but most UAs do use font-size as a
| principal way of distinguishing H1-H6. I'd suggest a more modest
| 1.2 as a factor, since 1.2^6 << 1.5^6.

MSIE and I think Netscape too are using a factor of aprox 1.5!

| In 5.6.2, you suggest same values for keywords of list-style
| that seem unnecessarily cumbersome. Why not use
| [disc | circle | square | 1 | i | I | a | A | none]
| instead of the values "decimal", "lower-roman", and so on? This
| seems easier, and more akin to word processors with outline features.

readability .... human readability, 1 i I a A mean nothing without
knowing that they mean decimal, roman, etc.
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