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re: small revision to CSS1

From: <dmg@csg.uwaterloo.ca>
Date: Fri, 31 May 1996 15:29:11 -0400
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| Text-transform replaces characters by other characters, `rot13' is a
| text-transform (it replaces `a' by `n') and so is `uppercase' (it
| replaces `a' by `A'). A small-caps font just happens to have an `a'
| that looks like a reduced and then stretched `A', but it is really
| still the same `a' character.

I agree with this. IMHO, Small-caps is not supposed to be a
substitution of characters, but a change in font, that, as Bert
explains, has a uppercase letter instead of a lowercase. In fact,
often in old typographic systems, lowercase small-caps were smaller
than their corresponding uppercase characters (e.g. uppercase E were
bigger than lowercase e --small-caps--) hence the name small-caps.

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