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From: Chuck Foster <chuck@pipex.net>
Date: Sat, 18 May 1996 22:04:50 +0000
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I read this today and was rather surprised to see it! Its interesting to see that 
the companies think it is necessary to 'come together' on the various styles, but 
then for some reason I thought that was what this working group was about!

attached mail follows:

SOURCE:   The Financial Times via First! by Individual, Inc.
DATE:     May 16, 1996
INDEX:    [5]

  Multimedia Business Analyst via Individual Inc. : Leading members of the
World Wide Web Consortium, including Microsoft,  Netscape, America Online
and CompuServe, are proposing a common set of  Hypertext Markup Language
(HTML) commands to control the way Web pages  look. They are concerned that
lack of interoperability between  different browsers and the need to
maintain multiple versions of  documents is hampering the growth of the Web.

  Currently, browser publishers incorporate proprietary extensions into
HTML, the standard language for developing Web sites, to create  additional
presentational features such as blinking headlines and  scrolling text
pages. These stylistic flourishes serve to attract Web  page developers who
wish to catch the eye of advertisers and readers.  However, a page which
looks attractive when viewed with Netscape  Navigator can appear garbled
when viewed with a different browser.

  The proposed style sheets would make it possible for Web pages to be  read
by users with a wide range of incompatible browers by providing a  standard
set of commands to enhance aspects of page presentation such  as fonts,
coloured text and headline sizes.

[05-16-96 at 15:37 EDT, Copyright 1996, The Financial Times, File:

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