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RE: An alternative strategy

From: Jon Bosak <bosak@atlantic-83.eng.sun.com>
Date: Sat, 4 May 1996 10:28:54 -0700
Message-Id: <199605041728.KAA01522@boethius.eng.sun.com>
To: Chris.Lilley@sophia.inria.fr
Cc: cwilso@microsoft.com, www-style@w3.org
[Chris Lilley, preceded by a snippet from Chris Wilson:]

|  > In comparing CSS and
|  > DSSSL, it seems that CSS is easier for most non-technical authors to
|  > understand, so if they HAVE to hand author a style sheet, I believe it
|  > would be easier for them to do in CSS.
| I suspect you are right, there, although it is difficult to do
| comparisons. Perhaps someone such as Jon could post the DSSSL-O
| translation of the 'default HTML 2.0' stylesheet at the back of the
| CSS-1 spec, to facilitate such comparisons.

As I've explained previously, without an experimental dsssl-o tool,
I'm helpless to provide anything; I'm not one of those people who can
start coding just from the formal description of a language.  The fact
that we have no such tool is partly due to the fact that W3C has put
all of its stylesheet implementation resources into advancing CSS to
the exclusion of other possibilities; but this is a rant for another

I agree that it would be useful to have a dsssl-o version of the
default HTML 2.0 stylesheet at the back of the CSS1 spec.  While no
such thing exists at present, I did some rooting around and came up
with something similar that was written, I believe, by James Clark a
year or so ago.  It obviously doesn't correspond point-for-point with
the stylesheet in the CSS draft, and it was written so long ago (about
a year before the DSSSL standard was published) that it might not even
be exactly in accord with the final version of the standard, but it
does give a feel for what a dsssl-o version of the default stylesheet
might look like if we had one.  I reproduce my copy of that file below.


Jon Bosak, SunSoft   2550 Garcia Ave., MPK17-101, Mountain View, CA 94043
A Davenport Group Sponsor        http://www.ora.com/davenport/README.html


<!doctype dsssl public "-//SGML Open//DTD DSSSL Style Sheet//EN">
;; Users can adapt the style-sheet to their preferences by
;; overriding these definitions.
;; Implementations would map these font family names onto the appropriate
;; system dependent names.
(define serif-font-family
  "ISO/IEC 10179:1995//Font Family::Serif")
(define sans-serif-font-family
  "ISO/IEC 10179:1995//Font Family::Sans Serif")
(define mono-font-family
  "ISO/IEC 10179:1995//Font Family::Monospace")
(define text-font-size 12pt)
(define very-large-font-size 36pt)
(define large-font-size 24pt)
(define big-space-before 24pt)
(define big-space-after 24pt)
(define block-space-before 8pt)
(define block-space-after block-space-before)

(sd (make sequence
      font-family-name: serif-font-family
      font-size: text-font-size))

(element h1
	 (make paragraph
	  font-size: very-large-font-size
	  font-weight: 'bold
	  quadding: 'center
	  space-before: big-space-before
	  space-after: big-space-after
	     (format-number (child-number) "1"))
	    (literal ". ")

(element h2
	 (make paragraph
	  font-size: large-font-size
	  font-weight: 'bold
	  space-before: big-space-before
	  space-after: big-space-after
	     (format-list (element-number-list "H1" "H2")
	     ". ")

(element code
	 (make sequence
	   font-family-name: mono-font-family))

(element u
	 (make score
	  type: 'after))		; after in line-progresssion direction

(element strike
	 (make score
	  type: 'through))

(element var
	 (make sequence
	   font-posture: (if (equal? (inherited-font-family-name)

(element strong
	 (make sequence
	   font-weight: 'bold))

(element samp
	 (make sequence
	   font-family-name: mono-font-family))

(element pre
	 (make paragraph
	  verbatim?: #t
	  font-family-name: mono-font-family
	  space-before: block-space-before
	  space-after: block-space-after))

(element (ul li)
	 (make paragraph
	   start-indent: (+ (inherited-start-indent) 30pt)
	   first-line-start-indent: -30pt
	   space-before: list-item-space-before
	   (make line-field
	     field-width: 30pt
	     field-align: 'start
	     (literal (case (nesting-level "ul")
			((1) "\bullet")
			((2) "\square")
			(else "-"))))
	   (make paragraph)))

(element (ol li)
	 (make paragraph
	   start-indent: (+ (inherited-start-indent) 30pt)
	   first-line-start-indent: -30pt
	   space-before: list-item-space-before
	   (make line-field
	     field-width: 30pt
	     field-align: 'start
	      (format-number (child-number)
			     (case (nesting-level "ol")
			       ((1) "1")
			       ((2) "a")
			       ((3) "i")
			       (else "1")))))
	   (make paragraph)))

(element dl
	 (make paragraph
	  first-line-start-indent: (- (/ (- (display-size)
	  start-indent: (+ (/ (- (display-size)
	  space-before: list-space-before
	  space-after: list-space-after))

(element dt
	  (make paragraph-break)
	  (make line-field
	    field-width: (- (inherited-first-line-start-indent))
	    field-align: 'start
	    space-before: list-item-space-before)))

(element hr
	 (make rule
	  orientation: 'horizontal))

(element br
	 (make sequence
           break-before: 'line))

(element address
	 (make paragraph
	  font-posture: 'italic))

(element blockquote
	 (make paragraph
	  start-indent: (+ (inherited-start-indent) 10pt)
	  end-indent: (+ (inherited-end-indent) 10pt)))

(element head
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