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Questions about pack, CLASS, ID, CSS1 conformance

From: Stefan Mintert <sm@irb.informatik.uni-dortmund.de>
Date: Tue, 02 Jul 1996 21:13:00 +0200
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Some questions about CSS and browsers:

- An old draft (Dec 22, 95) contained a section called "vertical formatting"
  with an example that uses the "pack" property to realize a multi-column
  layout. The whole section and the property isn't any longer included in the
  CSS draft (May 5, 96). Is the topic "vertical formatting" replaced by
  the draft "Frame-based layout via style sheets" ?
  If yes: Will this draft be a part of CSS in the future?
  If no:  What happened to "pack"? How can I do a muli-column layout?
- The draft defines the term "CSS1 conformance".
  . I never tested MSIE. Is MSIE a CSS1 conforming browser in terms of the
    latest CSS-Draft (May 5)?
  . Will Amaya be a CSS1 conforming browser? 
  . Which version of HTML must be implemented to conform to CSS1?
    CSS1 uses CLASS and ID as selectors. Both attributes are not included
    in HTML-3.2. Even STYLE is not included. 
    Conclusion: A browser must implement HTML-3 as prerequisite for CSS1 
    Will the next version of HTML (Cougar) include CLASS and ID?

- Any idea when browsers will offer multi-column layout based on style

Thanks in advance for answers!



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