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                       Free Ramp Manual and Video

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The traditional solution to disability-caused home access problems -- a 
ramp -- can be expensive, difficult to obtain and troublesome to remove 
when no longer needed.  More and more people require modifications to 
their homes to compensate for the effects of disability or aging. Since 
1991, the Minnesota Ramp Project has assisted over 500 people throughout 
Minnesota in obtaining safe and easy access to their homes.  The 
Minnesota Ramp Project also provides a working model for other 
communities to replicate and adapt to meet their own local needs. 

The Minnesota Ramp Project -- a cooperative non-profit effort between 
the Metropolitan Center for Independent Living, MN Dept. of Economic 
Security (Division of Rehabilitation Services) and DRAGnet -- provides 
information and assistance to individuals and families to help resolve 
home access problems caused by mobility impairments. Developed in 1992, 
the unique modular, reusable wheelchair ramp design reduces cost, is 
faster and easier to construct and is easily moved and/or reused in 
other locations.  For those with some walking ability, an alternative 
method of improving accessibility through the use of reusable long-
tread, low-riser steps is also available using the same engineered 
modular design. 

These ramps do not require frost-footings and are less than half the 
cost of traditional commercial alternatives while meeting and 
exceeding State of Minnesota building code engineering standards.  In 
1995, the novel ramp design and construction techniques won a Harvard 
University and Ford Foundation "Innovations in American Government" 
award.  They were recently the focus of a PBS "Hometime" television 

The Minnesota Ramp Project has a FREE construction manual: "How to Build 
Ramps for Home Accessibility" and has produced an award-winning video, 
"Home Access Solutions: Ramps and Stairs"  that demonstrates how to make 
affordable, reusable, modular wheelchair ramps and long-tread, low-riser 
stairways for the elderly and disabled.  These manuals and videos have 
been supplied to all Centers for Independent Living throughout the 
United States. 

   IMPORTANT --->  A television program: "The Ramp Project 
   Teleconference" will be broadcast via C-Band Satellite on March 25, 
   1996.  Unlimited copyright for tape recording and re-broadcast by 
   cable stations, organizations or individuals is strongly encouraged. 

                         Technical Information: 

                         Telstar 402R (C-Band) 
        at 89 degrees West Longitude on 13 Vertical Transponder 
          Channel 13; Frequency 3960 Mhz  and Audio 6.2 & 6.8

   1:00p.m. East. / 12:00p.m. Cent. / 11:00a.m. Mt. / 10:00a.m. Pac. 
         60 minute broadcast preceded by 15-minute test pattern 
     call  612.296.9395 for technical support during test pattern.

Again, the complete detailed manuals are currently available for free.  
A limited number of free videos to qualified organizations (CIL's, 
non-profits, libraries, construction trade organizations, state 
agencies, etc.) on techniques and community partnership building for 
ramp construction are also available. 

Manuals (print), videos or additional information are available at: 

                         Minnesota Ramp Project
               Metropolitan Center for Independent Living
                    1600 University Avenue, Suite 16
                          St. Paul, MN  55104

You may also download the complete manual for free:

The complete manual in PCX format is available for downloading from 
DRAGnet International Disability Network (DIDnet) at 612.753.1943 -- 
this is a free online disability information service (BBS).  Set your 
communications parameters to ANSI terminal emulation, 8 data bits, 1 
stop bit, no parity and download the file RAMPMAN1.ZIP. 

   DRAGnet is the Disability Resources, Affiliates and Groups network -- 
   a Minnesota-based, independent, national non-profit organization. 
   DRAGnet believes Having Information means Having Choices.   They are 
   Minnesota's first non-profit serving people with disabilities fully 
   licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency for recycling 
   computer electronics and handling associated toxic waste. 

   They reuse, rebuild and recycle all kinds of old, obsolete whole 
   computers, parts and software.  In the process providing low-cost, 
   refurbished computers to socially and economically disadvantaged 
   children and adults while teaching technology-based independent 
   living skills and creating employment opportunities for people with 

              Information about DRAGnet services is free:
                      314 Washington Avenue North
                      Minneapolis, MN  55401-1315
                           612.338.2569 (fax)