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Urgent please

From: ___ <berlusconigay@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2007 23:56:34 +0200
To: "'SMIL List'" <www-smil@w3.org>
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This situation is extremely easy to understand, please give me a reply
please. I'm using real player.

    <par dur="indefinite">
	<par id="A_par" begin="bt_A.activateEvent" end="bt_B.activateEvent">
	<par id="B_par" begin="bt_B.activateEvent" end="bt_A.activateEvent">
		<par id="B_par_text1" begin="0s;arrow_b.activateEvent"
			<textstream id="B_text1" src="..."
rn:backgroundOpacity="0%" transIn="fade_1" region="text_B_a"
end="B_par_text1.end;bt_A.activateEvent" fill="freeze"/>
			<textstream id="B_text2" src="..."
rn:backgroundOpacity="0%" transIn="fade_1" region="text_B_b"
end="B_par_text1.end;B_par.end" fill="freeze"/>
		<par id="B_par_text2" begin="arrow_f.activateEvent"

Why when B_text1 and B_text2 are visible, and i click on bt_A, only B_text1
The difference between B_text1 and B_text2 is that the end differ in this

B_text1 --> B_par_text1.end;bt_A.activateEvent
B_text2 --> B_par_text1.end;B_par.end

BUT, since B_par group has the end attribute set to: bt_A.activateEvent,
shouldn't B_par.end and bt_A.activateEvent act the SAME way?

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