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Re: SMIL21: repeat vs repeatEvent

From: Daniel Weck <daniel.weck@free.fr>
Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2005 10:53:11 +0000
Message-Id: <334d66d106dc739d0b980c74d0bffb6c@free.fr>
To: www-smil@w3.org

This is a clarification on the (inappropriate) terms I have used in my  
previous reply:

> - There is an error in the recommendation, one of the examples for the  
> syntax of Event-values is illegal [5]:
> [ begin="x.repeat"        : Begin each time a repeat event is observed  
> on "x" ]
> Indeed, the list of legal "Event-symbol" only includes "repeatEvent"  
> [2].
> This part of the specification needs to be fixed.

The examples in the recommendation don't necessarily refer to the SMIL  
2.x Language Profile.
In other words, "foo.repeat" is not part of the SMIL 2.1 Language  
Profile, but it may be legal in other contexts. For example,  
"foo.repeat" conforms to the XHTML+SMIL W3C note [8] and is a  
recognized DOM event.

For clarification and consistency purposes, some comments could be  
added in an informative section. For example, the fact that  
"repeatEvent" is the official "Event-Symbol" in the SMIL Language  
Profile [2] for the "Event-Value" syntax [5], but it has other  
equivalents/alternatives elsewhere.

Regarding the "Repeat-Value" grammar [4], it would be nice to replace  
"foo.repeat(foo)" by "foo.repeatEvent(foo)", to avoid confusion with  
the Syncbase-Value grammar [3].
Ultimately this implies deprecating "repeat()" in favor of  
"repeatEvent()", which would maintain backward-compatibility.

Now, does "repeat" in [1] refer to the SMIL Language Profile ?? (in  
which case it should be changed to "repeatEvent")...I am not sure.

Any thoughts ?

Summary of my references:

-[1] DOM events and event model

-[2] Supported event symbols in the default profile

-[3] Syntax for syncbase values

-[4] Syntax for repeat values

-[5] Syntax for event values

-[6] Repeat in Smil animation

-[7] the "repeat" attribute (deprecated in favor of "repeatDur" and  

-[8] the XHTML+SMIL W3C note
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