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RE: Time Limited Links in HTML+TIME

From: Patrick Schmitz <cogit@ludicrum.org>
Date: Thu, 01 May 2003 09:59:42 -0700
To: Steve Bennett <s.j.bennett@herts.ac.uk>, www-smil@w3.org
Message-id: <ENEGINNFOHPGHPIICCFJKEBLDBAA.cogit@ludicrum.org>

Basically, you do the same thing as in SMIL language. I just tested it in
IE6 with a sequence of area elements synced to a sequence of text (so I knew
when the areas *should* be active). Works fine. If you have trouble, let me
know and I will post the example to the ludicrum demos site.

Seeking on hyperlinks does not work in IE. You can still do the internal
hyperlinking, but all you get is the spatial seek (scrolls the page). You
can make it work by adding a behavior that does the seeking (e.g. in an htc
or in script onclick handlers for the links). Unfortunately, for non-trivial
cases where you are seeking to elements deep within time containers that are
not active, the logic may be hard to get right. The spec describes it
clearly, but it is work. If you  have simpler cases, then you can use the
time2 DOM to do the seek as you need.


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> Subject: Time Limited Links in HTML+TIME
> Hi
> Can anyone tell me how to do time limited links in HTML+TIME.  For
> instance the equivalent of the SMIL
> <area href="http://whatever.com" cords="10,10,100,100" dur="15s" />
> Also, I read that the SMIL linking module is not implemented in
> HTML+TIME since it just uses the trad HTML version.  How then can you
> make a time limited hyperlink?
> Also, how might internal hyperlinking be supported in HTML+TIME - e.g
> the equivalent of
>  <area href="#clip3" cords="10,10,100,100" dur="15s" />
> Thanks
> Steve Bennett
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