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Universal metafile for MPEG4

From: Kuniyoshi Murata <kuni@ej-interpreter.net>
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003 08:29:20 +0900
Message-Id: <200304102329.h3ANTKr18320@gw.macwebcaster.com>
To: www-smil@w3.org


I've been creating on-demand streaming video of webcaster workshop on March. 

I used Sorenson MPEG4 for encoding, so that many MPEG4 compatible players can playback, including QuickTime6 and RealOne with Envivio Plug-in. 

Actually, one of my video <rtsp://stream.macwebcaster.com/camp03/murata.mp4> can be viewed by QT6 and RealOne with Envivio. (That is myself demonstrating LiveChannel 2.0 in the workshop BTW) 

Now I'm thinking of creating universal metafile to boot the player. I mean I hope to create a single metafile which can boot media player according to  user's setting. Say, Mac user will view the stream via QuickTime Player, on the other hand, Windows and RealOne user will view the stream via RealOne player, just by clicking a single link on the site. 

For that purpose I wrote following a smil file  <http://www.macwebcaster.com/smil/mpeg4-test3.smil> which is compatible with both QT Player and RealOne Player. 

Final point is invoking the player from web browser. On IE on Windows, this simple herf linked smil invoked RealPlayer. On Mac, however, browsers act differently on this smil and actually none of the browsers (Safari, Chimera, IE, OmniWeb) properly invoked QuickTime Player. 

Is my approach for universal metafile wrong? 

Is there any other way to realize universal metafile for MPEG4? 

Or should I abandon that idea and prepare several metafile of a single MPEG4 stream for different media players? 

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