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Re: Discussion of tv-related URI schemes

From: Michael A. Dolan <miked@tbt.com>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 10:47:30 -0700
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To: www-tv@w3.org
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Mr. Timcke-

Could you provide a little more justification for your proposal that 
the SMIL content control module being a controlling framework for 
*all* URI schemes?  It is not at all obvious, and on the surface I 
would tend to disagree.

To the extent that television streams should work with SMIL, we 
definitely do agree.  But...

...in my review of the Recommendation, I have found that it is 
lacking in various important ways to be able to accommodate digital 
broadcast television systems as currently deployed and contemplated 
by ATSC (and probably DVB, although I'm not active there).  In 
particular, adequate push model buffering and basic sync, and stream-
driven, synchronized event handling.  So frankly it has some more 
work to be done in this area to make it usable for digital 
television.  Thus, I would argue that it is not in a position yet to 
be a guiding framework for television.

But even when those are corrected, I'm not sure how it is related to 
*all* TV URI schemes - just TV elementary streams, which may or may 
not be refrenced by URI schemes.

And, I too would like to understand the process on this list for this 
task, particularly since IETF has been in great disagreement its own 
process there.


At 06:36 PM 8/25/99 +0200, Henning Timcke wrote:
>Hi Philipp
>I think the content control modul from the SMIL Boston Draft should 
>taken into consideration.
>>From my point of view the documents listed below should also 
>with the
>content control modul, e.g. the content control modul should be able 

>use the
>tv-related URI scheme. So the content control modul could be 
>as the harmonizing
>Can anybody sketch a roadmap of all the formal processes and scan 
>drawing to a jpeg ?
>Something like http://www.ripe.net/lir/newlir/flowchart.html 
>Philipp Hoschka wrote:
>> All,
>> We have received a request by representatives of the IETF/IESG/IAB
>> that this list should be used to discuss the merits of a recent
>> Internet draft proposing a tv-related URI scheme.
>> This makes sense, since discussions about TV URI schemes is one
>> of the goals of this interest group.
>> I would thus encourage everyone to use this list for discussing
>> of the respective Internet Draft. Note that this does not mean
>> that there will be a W3C recommendation on tv-related URIs, but
>> that this list is a place to talk about registering tv-related
>> URIs with the IETF. Again, this is inline with the goals stated
>> in the charter of the TVWeb IG:
>> http://www.w3.org/TV/tvweb-ig-charter#xtocid47112
>> ----
>> "tv" URL-scheme
>>    A new URL scheme is needed to address content that is broadcast
>>    in a TV channel.
>>    Deliverable: Document on "tv" URL-scheme
>>    This requires to study and, potentially, harmonize existing
>>    proposals for tv-related URLs, such as the following:
>>        Dan Zigmond. "Uniform Resource Locators for Television
>> Broadcasts"
>>        tv-url in ATVEF specification
>>        uhttp-url in ATVEF specification
>>        DAVIC 1.3 DVB URL
>>    The review must take the results URL registration Working Group
>>    in the IETF of the into account. The idea is to review the
>> existing    approaches within the W3C TV IG, after which they will 

>> proposed
>>    to the IETF, in order to    become standards-tracks RFCs, 
>>    to other URL schemes (mailto:, ...).
>>    Conditions:
>>      1.For the W3C TV IG to take on this issue, the organisations 
>>        authors currently of tv-related URL specifications must 
>>        at least a request that they should be reviewed by the W3C,
>>        and preferably submit them as documents.
>>      2.Minimal Membership Commitment: Two authors for the document
>>        must sign up.
>> -------
>> -Philipp Hoschka, W3C
>> Chair TVWeb Interest Group
>Henning Timcke

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