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Re: Hello! Automatic links, anyone?

From: Lloyd Rutledge <Lloyd.Rutledge@cwi.nl>
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 09:46:02 +0200
Message-Id: <UTC199907200746.JAA82320.lloyd@klipper.cwi.nl>
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On Mon, Jul 19 1999 M et Mme Herve Foucher wrote:
> I guess no; he wanted to have the timeline below _without_ any
> click from the user:
>                    1    1    2    2    3
>          0    5    0    5    0    5    0
> 1.smil   **** something ******
> 2.html                       *************** indefinite
> Is this possible ?

Play the SMIL and HTML documents as media objects in another SMIL
presentation, and put these media objects in a sequence element.

      <region id="main">
      <ref src="1.smil" region="main" dur="20s"/>
      <ref src="2.html" region="main" dur="indefinite"/>

When something occurs without clicking from the user, then it's not
linking but timing, and timing constructs should be used.  In Alan's
original post, he wanted the ending of a SMIL file to trigger the
presentation of an HTML file.  In SMIL, timing is handled in terms of
media object elements (img, video, etc.) and temporal composite
elements (seq, par).  Thus, if you want to establish a timing relation
between an entire SMIL presentation and an HTML presentation, you make
both media objects in another SMIL presentation.

Another behavior that Alan mentioned is to have the HTML presentation
be in a different window than the SMIL presentation.  Different
windows can be opened as the result of linking, with the "new" value
of the "show" attribute.  However, SMIL does not encode the opening of
new windows as the result of timing activity.


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