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Re: Deleting Your Address.

From: <workshop@npcollege-edu.net>
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1999 10:16:19
Message-Id: <647.609096.62312@npcollege-edu.net>

Please DELETE your address from our files 
if you are not SFSE user.Just click REPLY.
You not need to read this message.

Your email was forwarded to us by SFSE
(Scientific Facts Search Engine),to help 
you find the info you are looking for.
However,it was dated Feb/27/99!
Do you still need this info?

To refresh your memory you can contact 
the NU(NewAmerica University) and look 
for these workshops' topic:The Redeemat 
has solved all environmental problems;
9% Producer Fee would eliminate crime & 
taxes within 3 years;Free NHRI(National 
Health & Retirement Insurance);The 22nd 
Centurys' products & businesses available 
today;Job security(JIC/Job Insurance 

WARNING:We receiving thousands of 
unsolicited emails.Please be advise we 
are not selling or buying anything,we are 
educational institution.

Spamers & Spam Police you are wasting your 
time and ours!Please DELETE your email
address from our files! 

Otherwise,request for the record (put in 
subject REQUESTING INFO)and click REPLY.


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