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Re: mime type

From: Elhanan Borenstein <elh@veon.com>
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 17:25:22 +0200
Message-ID: <36D95FE2.6345DCA7@veon.com>
To: Vikas Sodhani <vsodhani@mit.edu>, Udi Peleg <udi@veon.com>
CC: www-smil@w3.org
Dear Vikas Sodhani,

It seems to me you will be very interested in one of Veon's products - Veon
Activation Server. This server generates SMIL presentations dynamically from
relational databases and existing media assets.
Using Veon ActiveSMIL scripting language (a JavaScript like object oriented
language) and Veon's special SMIL scripting objects,  you can dynamically
create the SMIL files (and RealPix/RealText files) on the fly, according to
data retrieved from any relational database, input from the user and
existing media files.

For more information on the product please contact Mr. Udi Peleg

Best regards,


Vikas Sodhani wrote:

> Hi, I am working on a project that dynamically creates a smil file based
> on a users selections of videos.  I would like to be able to send the
> smil file staright to the users browser by either specifying the mime
> type or using an embed tag.  I tried specifying the mime type but that
> does not seem to work.  I was wondering if there is some way to do it
> using embed tags.  Right now I have to save the smil file in my real
> server content directory and then redirect the html page to the smil
> file.  I would like to just send it to the browser so that the files are
> not saved on my machine.  Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Vikas Sodhani
> vsodhani@mit.edu

Elhanan (Alan) Borenstein
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