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Re: [SMIL] A question

From: <herve_foucher@ds-fr.com>
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 11:16:41 +0200
To: www-smiL@w3.org
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Lloyd Rutledge wrote:
> You raise an interesting question.
> Wording in one part of the SMIL specification suggests the second
> interpretation.  The second bullet item of the section "Determining
> the implicit end of an element" of section states
>   An element with a "repeat" attribute with a value other than
>   "indefinite" has an implicit end equal to the implicit end of a seq
>   element with the stated number of copies of the element without
>   "repeat" attribute as children.
> If this seq was itself in a seq three times with the repeat removed,
> then its begin would be used with each repeat, with the same final
> behavior as the second example.  This would generate the same
> effective
> end as described in the excerpt above.  If the repeating begin of the
> second interpretation is not assumed, then the effective end would
> not match the specification in the excerpt above.

Thank you very much. These specs have been integrated in the next
release of SOJA, which should come up this week (probably this

Do you know if RealPlayer will soon implement in a better way all
the SMIL 1.0 specs ?

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