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Me? or RealPlayer wrong??

From: TAKESATO HAYASHI <take@takesato.com>
Date: Thu, 01 Apr 1999 20:45:42 +0900
Message-Id: <4.0.2-J.19990401203104.00f3eab0@pop.digiweb.com>
To: www-smil@w3.org
Hi! all.

  I write following smil file and test it on RealPlayer G2.
  I want to switch by system-language type.
  But RealPlayer recognize only one <par> tag file.
  Following script is not support by RealPlayer G2.
  Because there so many <par> tag.
  If I reduce many <par> tag and write only 1 <par> tag,
  RealPlayer G2 play it correctly.

  Only one <par> tag file is support and play clip correctly.
  Is that RealPlayer bug? or SMIL format way?

 Is system-language "en-us" and "en" is same?
 RealPlayer G2 couldn't recognize two type. 
 Am I worng? 

<!-- many par tag SMIL sample -->

		<root-layout width="320" height="240"
		<region id="flag" left="128" top="98.5"
		 width="64" height="43"/>
		<audio src="american.rm" system-language="en-us"/>
		<img src="Us_m.gif" region="flag"/>

		<audio src="english.rm" system-language="en"/>
		<img src="En_m.gif" region="flag"/>

		<audio src="german.rm" system-language="de"/>
		<img src="De_m.gif" region="flag"/>

		<audio src="spanish.rm" system-language="es"/>
		<img src="Es_m.gif" region="flag"/>

		<audio src="japanese.rm"/>
		<img src="Jp_m.gif" region="flag"/>

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