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From: Latvala Jan HPY <jan.latvala@hpy.fi>
Date: 10 Dec 98 15:22:52 +0200
Message-Id: <0021510B5000000102049B7EC8042E@hpytiimi.hpy.fi>
To: MIME:"\"Vietnam Veteran\"@vetring.com" <"Vietnam Veteran"@vetring.com>, "www-smil@w3.org" <www-smil@w3.org>
MIME:"Vietnam Veteran"@vetring.com:
>This message is sent in compliance of the new e-mail
>Legislation: `Unsolicited Commercial Electronic Mail
>Choice Act of 1997' (Introduced in the Senate)
>Sender : Veterans Ring of Honor, 
>P.O. Box 87171, San Diego, CA 92138
>Phone  : 1-800-Vet-Ring
>E-mail : vetring@vetring.com
>Although this is a one time request and you will not be
>contacted again by VROH, the following statement must 
>be included: To be removed from our mailing list, 
>simply reply with "REMOVE" in the subject section.
>Please consider adding the Veterans Ring of Honor Web 
>Site to your Links Section:  http://www.vetring.com 
>The Veterans Ring of Honor is a "one of a kind" 
>distinctively designed United States Armed Forces 
>commemorative signet ring dedicated to those veterans 
>who have paid the ultimate price while serving their 
>The "Great Seal" is featured on every ring to 
>exemplify the unity among all branches of the United 
>States Armed Forces.  
>Only certified veterans and Armed Forces members can qualify.
>The Veterans Ring of Honor Foundation is dedicated to 
>the challenge of developing effective projects and 
>programs that assist and join in the efforts of 
>individuals and organizations that are striving to 
>improve medical and health-care received by all 
>veterans at VA Hospitals and Facilities.  
>Only family members can qualify to wear pendants and lapel pins.
>Please take the time to preview the VROH WebSite and 
>please consider adding a link to it, thank you for your 
>kind consideration.  
>You have my permission to forward this request...Thank you!
>Semper Fi 
>D.W. Zuk 
>RVN 66~68 
>Khe Sanh "TetVet" 
>Note: Possible banner considerations:  
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