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Just SMIL News Nov 24, 1998

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Just SMIL News for Nov 24, 1998
Links for these stories can be found at (http://www.justsmil.com/news/)

G2 Ships!
RealNetworks has released a shipping version of RealPlayer G2.  RealPlayer
Plus G2 now includes a search feature for audio and video clips (see
following story). Macintosh users will be heartened to find out that the
RealPlayer download page now states that a Mac beta will appear before the
end of the year. With the G2 flavor of SMIL soon available on both
platforms, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

RealNetworks Partnerships
Two new RealNetworks partnerships aim to raise the general interest level
in streaming multimedia. RealNetworks and Excite have teamed up to make
streaming media searchable. Through an integrated Excite search feature, G2
users can now hunt the Web for audio, video, and multimedia even while
viewing other content. In a partnership with Arbitron, a ratings service
for streaming media will soon be available. Subscribers will be able to
compare their viewers with those of other sites.  Is there any strategic
partnership that RealNetworks has not entered into the last few months?

Eloquent Picks G2
Eloquent, a provider of Web-based learning systems for corporations, has
picked RealPlayer G2 for integration into their Presenter! package. In a
solution that is sure to make use of SMIL, Presenter! streams synchronized
video, audio, presentation slides and full text transcript of presentations
via the web. No word yet on whether or not they are looking for SMIL

CWI Posts Browsable SMIL DTD
Lloyd Rutledge of CWI has posted a Web browsable SMIL Document Type
Definition to help SMIL authors navigate the SMIL syntax. Bookmark this one
as a handy reference.

Mecklermedia Acquires Just SMIL
Just SMIL is pleased to announce that we have been acquired by the
Mecklermedia Corporation (the great folks at Internet.com). As we pack up
and move our content to our new home, Just SMIL would like to thank you for
your ongoing readership and support. We look forward to continuing to serve
your need for the latest SMIL


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