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From: Henning Timcke <henning.timcke@werft22.com>
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 18:35:52 +0100
Message-ID: <01BE0DA2.1D0CE540@marketing.aart.ch>
To: "SMIL@w3c (E-Mail)" <www-smil@w3.org>
Dear all
Has anybody cross-experiences with SMIL and HTML+TIME ?
As far as I a can see from the specs the time model of HTML+TIME is more elaborated
than that of SMIL.
What solutions are envisonned in the following case:
A given URL in an SMIL presentation is not available
during the presentation: how can changes to the presentation be made,
while the presentation is already running ?
Must the presentation be stopped and the URL or one of its time related tags within the SMIL reedited; and the presentation restarted ?
I propose a future requirement would be: changes to the timeline and the events schedueld on it (in the timelines relative future) could be made during presentations. 
Henning Timcke
Ideen Werft22 GmbH
Received on Wednesday, 11 November 1998 12:38:46 UTC

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