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Re: testing the helio SMIL player

From: <herve_foucher@ds-fr.com>
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 09:01:59 +0100
To: Philipp Hoschka <ph@w3.org>
cc: www-smil@w3.org
Message-ID: <C12566B7.002CA068.00@mailserv.dassault-systemes.fr>
Philipp Hoschka wrote:
> I checked out the soja SMIL player at
> http://www.helio.org/

Thank you ;-)

> some comments:
> 1) do you have a web page on *your* site that people can use to check
> out how the applet works, i..e to check out the sample ?

No, not at the moment. This is because the current version is an alpha
one with lots of functionnalities still missing, espacialy concerning
the audio support: the audio file is loaded during the presentation
(Java limitations...) and it creates delays over the Internet.

> 2) it would be good to explain how people can use the tool locally, i.e.
> without putting it on a web server - many people do not have direct
> access
> to a web server, or are too lazy to copy files over - so maybe explain
> about how to open the sample with "appletviewer", or simply opening it
> from the harddisk using a browser

It works !!! The demo given within the product works fine without
any web server. The only thing is to be sure that the media files
used in your tests are located _under_ the "CLASSPATH" given in
your HTML page (Java Security).

> cool demo, btw !


> i checked out the SMIL file of the demo, and noticed that all your tags
> are in
> capitals - that's wrong ! XML is case sensitive, and SMIL defines all
> language elements to be lowercase

Sorry for the mistake. SOJA works fine with both lowercase and uppercase
at the moment. I will prompt an error message in the next version if
users try to use uppercase.

Thank you for testing SOJA

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