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Just SMIL News Oct 14, 1998

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JUST SMIL NEWS October 14th 1998

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T.A.G! You're It!
According to emediaweekly, streaming media was the hit of the show at last
week's Internet World NYC. Macintosh users will be happy to hear  that
RealNetworks will ship the complete multiplatform G2 suite in December.
Digital Renaissance promoted their T.A.G. Production Suite for G2. Expected
to ship in November, you can find more information and a T.A.G. 2.0 beta
download at their site.

More Big Deals for Real
While Microsoft is rumbling about the RealNetworks deal with AOL, Real has
charged ahead and forged an alliance with Lotus. You will soon be seeing
the SMIL-enabled G2 bundled in Domino/Notes. Keep an eye on IBM. They may
not go toe-to-toe with Microsoft directly but they are definitely working
behind the scenes to turn up the heat.

The Macromedia and Microsoft Web multimedia initiative called HTML+TIME has
been picking up interest in the press. Is HTML+TIME in competition with
SMIL? James Luh reports on the issues for Internet World. Microsoft offers
their perspective on HTML+TIME for their Site Builder Network Magazine. It
looks like HTML+TIME will be a major push for Microsoft. With help on the
specification from Rob Martell at Digital Renaissance, you can probably
expect a HTML+TIME tool from them soon. We'll cover the emerging Web
multimedia specification as it develops.

SOJA Feedback?
SOJA, the first alpha of the Java-based SMIL player from Helio is due for
an update sometime in November. In the meantime, Helio is very interested
in hearing your feedback on their player. For a more information and a
download of SOJA, visit their site. Comments about SOJA can be e-mailed to

HomeSite and Interaction Updates
Congratulations are also in order for two fine developers of SMIL tools.
Allaire has announced the November due date of HomeSite 4.0, an HTML
editing tool that supports SMIL. A beta version is currently available for
download.  Media Design in*Progress has released an update that is sure to
please the Macintosh users. Interaction Web Server Companion for Macintosh
servers now supports SMIL.


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