servers through a firewall

Hello,  I am a new subscriber to this list, and
am involved in setting up a server at a US Government
agency.  I have been looking at all of the FAQs that I
could find on the net, and we now have a rudimentary
server set up (www.nrc.gov) on a unix box.  However, it is not
well populated, because most of the interesting
documents are located behind a firewall on a Novell/PC
network.  I would like to set up a server in the
firewall that would serve documents from both the Novell
network and several unix networks, to both internal and external
web browsers.  I know about the existence of DOS http servers,
and we already have several unix servers installed internally.

Does anyone have any experience, or even know whether it
is possible, to serve documents through a firewall from
both Novell and unix at the same time?  I realize that this list
is not a help list, so I would very much appreciate even
a reply about whether it is even possible.

Thanks in advance.

Ralph Caruso
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission