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ESTC2008: Seizing the Opportunities of Semantic Technology

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Learn how Europe is driving the market for semantic technologies forward in over 30 presentations by leading businesses and researchers
European Semantic Technology Conference (ESTC2008)
September 24-26, 2008, Vienna, Austria


ESTC2008 is Europe's most prominent and authoritative conference focusing on the growth of the ICT semantic technology markets, highlighted by showcased industry practices, advancements in the field of semantic technologies achieved in the past year, and successful marketing strategies in delivering semantic applications that generate new revenues. While chasing to catch up, the large number of industrial attendees will provide a solid foundation for the long anticipated opportunity for semantic technologies to officially disseminate beyond the academic world. 

Participants will learn how to develop a cohesive strategy for managing semantic technology initiatives and utilizing these to evolve the operations and effectiveness of their organizations. Additionally, ESTC2008 provides the invaluable opportunity for you to meet your fellow peers or rub shoulders with some of the ICT industry's major players.

ESTC2008 will not only contribute to exploiting the most mature semantic tools and technologies; further research results will be presented promoting the continued R&D of semantic technologies as they evolve into a fundamental backbone of ICT. This year's ESTC takes another step in bridging the broad knowledge transfer gap with demonstrations and industrial exhibitions of pragmatic, functional, and fully deployable applications that prove the progressing marketable value of semantic technologies.


Over 30 presentations and invited talks will explore the business opportunities of semantic technologies, with a primary focus on applications in Telecommunications Life Science and eTourism. Program highlights include 
- Mills Davis of Project10x sharing forecasts on the growing market for semantic technologies.
- Top representatives from BT, SAP and Thomson Reuters will give insights into how global enterprises are implementing semantic technology solutions in data integration and analysis and explain their vision of an Internet of Services that transforms services into tradable goods that are offered, sold, executed and consumed globally via the internet.
- Yahoo talks about semantics in future internet search
- Pharma companies like UCB and AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals will present case studies about using semantics in managing pharmaceutical data
- Other highlights include talks on semantic wikis, the semantic desktop, semantic enterprise knowledge, large semantic data repositories and semantic mobile environments.
Three panel discussions will complete the program.

More about the conference program: http://www.estc2008.com/index.php/program

The European Semantic Technology Conference 2008 (ESTC2008) is structured to target the following groups:

- Enterprise Experts/CIOs
- Market Analysts/CEOs
- Entrepreneurs/VC
- Developers and Engineers
- Multi-domain Experts
- Researchers

More about the target groups: http://www.estc2008.com/index.php/program/target-groups


„Extraction and resolution capabilities for entities, events and facts”
Peter Jackson (Chief Scientist Thomson Reuters Professional)
Barak Pridor (CEO of Clearforest, a Thomson Reuters Markets company)

“Internet of Services”
Orestis Terzidis (Director SAP Research Centre CEC)

“Getting at the Semantics of Texts”
Hans Uszkoreit (Scientific Director at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI))

Hugo Zaragoza (Yahoo! Research Barcelona)

More about the keynote presentations: http://www.estc2008.com/index.php/program/keynotes

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Business Partner Code: R2D23CP

To register for the ESTC2008 please use the online registration form:


We are pleased to offer you a variety of hotels nearby the venue of the ESTC2008, the Palais Niederösterreich and close to the city centre. Hotel room reservation can be processed online:

For useful information about Vienna please visit the official tourist information website:
Compact Travel Guide for Vienna is available online for free download:


The ESTC2008 is sponsored by some of the leading organizations pioneering the adoption of semantic technology. Amongst them are Europe’s most successful developers and vendors of semantic technology solutions that have already been implemented in large international companies.
ESTC2008 Gold Sponsors:
Isoco, Ontotext Lab, Matrixware, Ontos, Metatomix, Neon, DERI Galway, Actice, Seekda, Semantic Exchange
ESTC2008 Silver Sponsors:
Netbreeze, Talis, Serviceweb3.0, Innoraise, Soa4all, LarKC

More about the ESTC2008 Sponsors: http://www.estc2008.com/index.php/sponsors


If you have any questions or would need further information about the ESTC2008, please contact info@estc2008.com.
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