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From: Alain Escaffre <alain.escaffre@freesbee.fr>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 03:02:46 +0100
To: <www-rdf-rules@w3.org>
Cc: "'Olivier LE GUYADER'" <olivier_lg@yahoo.fr>
Message-ID: <000401c3c054$09599ec0$7af4dc51@sozopole>
We are  french student fome the "Ecole Polythecnique de Nantes"  working
on a project about a geometrical ontology. We aim at describing
geometrical objects and axioms thanks to RuleML and OWL. We read the
Draft Version 0.5 of 19 November 2003 about SWRL and this atempt to
unify owl and ruleML for inference on  the semantic web is very relevent
and useful ! Here are some questions about this draft and SWRL :
     - Chapter 5, exemple 5.1-2 :
    <swrlx:individualPropertyAtom  swrlx:property="hasParent"> 
    <swrlx:individualPropertyAtom  swrlx:property="hasSibling"> 
    <swrlx:individualPropertyAtom  swrlx:property="hasSex"> 
      <owlx:Individual owlx:name="#male" />
    Does this property "hasParent"  refers directly to a property  of a
owl ontology about family  or is just created here and right now  simply
thanks to this line of code ?
    In our case, we have created an owl ontology with plan points lines
....  and in the axioms we have to use the property "belongTo" : 
if   we write code such like
 <swrlx:individualPropertyAtom  swrlx:property="belongTo"> 
Does it imply that  we have created this property  "belongTo" in the
ontology we have  implemented before  in owl ?
  -  About the issue list and and extensions, we read swrl doesn't
manage negation, what about  constraints rules ? In fact our project
(because of the axioms) needs both of of them so we are afraid not to be
able to use this Semantic Web Rule Language : ?
- Finally, in case you confirm me SWRL is only horn clauses oriented for
the moment (no negations no constraints programmation),  could you  give
us a link where I find  a Rule ML exemple which  use owl objects ?
because We have difficulties to make the connexion , difficulties that
swrl would have erased !
We hope you will find time to grant us to answer those questions !
Best Regards,
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