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Perllib in windows

From: Gunnar AAstrand Grimnes <ggrimnes@csd.abdn.ac.uk>
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 13:11:22 +0100
Message-Id: <>
To: www-rdf-perllib@w3.org

Ive been trying for a couple of days now to get Perllib working under 
windows, Ive succesfully setup mysql and apache, but when I access 
http://localhost/annotations I get the following error:

died with Can't locate sys/syscall.ph in @INC (did you run h2ph?) (@INC 
contains: .. ../../.. ../../.. C:/Perl/lib C:/Perl/site/lib .) at 
../../../W3C/Util/W3CDebugCGI.pm line 249.

Looking at the code it appears to me that the offending code (i.e. the code 
using syscall) is only trying to report an error, and that some other error 
(File not found???) was the actual cause. I'll look more into this.

the questions are then :

1. Has anyone else succesfully run perl-lib on a windows platform. ?
2. Is there anyway of getting syscall functionality on a windows platform?


Gunnar AAstrand Grimnes

7 John Knox Court
AB24 3LF
Received on Monday, 27 August 2001 08:12:59 UTC

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