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SoSyM: Journal on Modelling of Software

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we wish you a happy and successful New Year.
May be you can make it an even better success considering
to consider

The International Journal on
Software and Systems Modelling
published by Springer
(articles are available for Springer customers)

for publishing your results or getting new insights in
modelling software-intensive systems before implementation.

Here for example an extract of the list of authors
of regular papers, expert voices and special issues:
-  Jean Bezivin
-  Grady Booch
-  David Harel
-  Michael Jackson
-  Ivar Jacobson

Some facts for readers and authors:
 - published since 2002
 - steadily and successfully increasing output
 - 100 pages/issue
 - 4 issues per year
 - an additional online first publication immediately
   after finalization
 - online downloads (Springer): 1200 per month
 - average duration from submission to final decision: 123 days
 - published papers: 76
 - number of authors of published papers: 182

Current Editors:
Egidio Astesiano    Franck Barbier      Jean Bezivin
Jim Bieman          Grady Booch         Francis Bordeleau
Lionel Briand       Ed Brinksma         Manfred Broy
Jean-Michel Bruel   Alessandra Cavarra  Betty Cheng
Tony Clark          Steve Cook          Heiko Doerr
Gregor Engels       Andy Evans          David Garlan
Martin Gogolla      David Harel         Oystein Haugen
Constance Heitmeyer     Brian Henderson-Sellers
Heinrich Hussmann   Michael Jackson     Jean-Marc Jezequel
Stuart Kent         Cris Kobryn         Ingolf Krueger
Kevin Lano          Gary Leavens        Tom Maibaum
Ana Moreira         Pierre-Alain Muller Oscar Nierstrasz
James Odell         Jeff Offutt         Wolfgang Reisig
August Scheer       Andy Schuerr        Bran Selic
Perdita Stevens     Jos Warmer          Jon Whittle
Roel Wieringa       Alan Wills          Jim Woodcock

Interested on more info, a reading sample or submitting a paper:
The please have a look at:

We also provide a moderated mailing list for information about
new articles etc.:

All the best,

Robert France,                          Bernhard Rumpe
Colorado State University               Software Systems Engineering
Fort Collins, Colorado, USA             Braunschweig University of Technology

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